Setting up your very own custom playlist server for Shoutcast DNAS

Background story: As being a DJ at several webradio stations, the need for a semi-automated fallback solution, that could be applied quickly, has arisen for quite a while . After figuring out how to get a proper IRC chatbot running for the main station I'm DJing at, I thought about getting to the next step - …

Aufrüstorgie 2013

Grübeleien bzgl. der nächsten Aufrüsterorgie(n) ...

Capri Fishn

Freuden der Programmierzunft .. da reicht ein Double Facepalm nicht mehr aus - Tag der Fazialpalmierung anyone?

Repost of 25 PHP Form Validation Snippets

Because the syntax highlighter seems to been fucked up of "25 PHP Form Validation Snippets" at, I decided to repost the content of this post here. It's really just a repost, althou skipping right to the important content (and adding / replacing '#' with '//' single-line comments) ;)