Sure signs of a system

Various signs for identifying the system that is powering a given website - by looking into its HTML source code, or CSS and Javascript parts; this ignores any "generator" meta tags, because you easily can remove them for more "security" (Security through obscurity concept).

Tying the knot between Pepper Flash and SRWare Iron

Update on 2015-07-04: GNU/Debian users may follow a different path - there is now a package called pepperflashplugin-nonfree, which automates and bundles my tutorial into one small script. Not done by me, so kudos to whoever created it! ;)

Summer Breeze-Mischung

Eine weitere Variante des Schattenfangs, diesmal in Kombination mit Waldbeeren (ca. 0,7 Liter) + Kirschsirup (ca 0,3 Liter). Musste ich machen, da mein Kühlschrank am Sonntag den Geist aufgegeben hat.

Die örtliche Lage

.. unserer "Gesellschaft" im Rahmen von "Nineteen Eighty-Four"; nun, wenn man genau darüber nachdenkt, läuft es letztlich auf Folgendes heraus: