2018 ... and the 'ex'

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So, its 2018 .. havent blogged in a while.
Mostly, work. And stuff. And wanting to replace this blog with something more .. staticy.
Right now I'm writing myself something like this, as I got all the important components sitting around, like, for ages. Thanks to work, that is.

To list the most important or interesting ones:

  • Custom template loader w/o the need of having to global-ize everything; thanks to extensive work that went into the datacolor website (yep, I did most of its programming ;))
  • A bunch of parsers, including one for Markdown (which is nice, but I totally fucking HATE their "idea" of creating links in a regular text flow context; its the most UN-intuitive way possible!) AND, more important, one for Creole, the wiki markup which eg. Dokuwiki follows up to approx 95% of the time
  • Simple routing; already in use with my portfolio site and a few others
  • Micro-API for my very own URL shortening service, which has been in use since at least 2010
  • A grabbag stuffed with CSS frameworks to choose from; most notable: Pure CSS, Furtive and maybe Bootstrap 4 (but I tend towards the first two)
  • Extensive knowledge about caching and site optimization in general
  • Several stand-alone comment systems to choose from; NONE of them being named Disqus :P

Yeah, thats it, basically. Maybe in a few weeks, maybe just tomorrow, there is coming change. Or at least a waaaay easier method to blog for me :)

ps: the "ex" is referring to version 10 of this blog, 'X' being the number "10" in Old School Latin ;)

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