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Girlfriend Application Form (joking around .. also see Holly's BF app form ;)):


  1. Mental volatileness / instability like opening a washing machine during the spin cycle.
  2. Living for the moment; no future for you, stay the lazy ass you always were.
  3. Thin like a stick.
  4. Cleaning fetish.
  5. Not getting the fact I am a self-employed, full-time programmer.
  6. Giving a fuck about music


  1. Mad (read: mad, NOT "crazy").
  2. Got some brains (of your own).
  3. At least have a single clue whats gonna happen in your life (read: passion).
  4. Chubbyness. I like something I can get a grip on - xylophone is a no-go.
  5. Age-wise: Between 20 and 40.
  6. Proper body hygiene.
  7. Has a particularely distinctive music taste (no matter if it actually matches mine; as long as it aint just plain "Chart Music" crap)
  8. There is more in sex than just plain-vanilla (ie. enhanced sexuality).

Short questionaire:

.. send the answers to me or comment in here; comments are published publicy thou.

  1. do you smoke? if so, what and how often?
  2. do you have any .. different than usual .. eating habits (like vegetarian, pescetarian, don't like fish ..)?
  3. are ye good with cats around?
  4. any particular fetish?
  5. what are your political / religious opinions?
  6. where are you from?
  7. do you feel uncomfortable at specific sites / locations?
  8. do you mind massaging me back when I've massaged you?

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