Battle Chainsaws

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A new and upcoming idea for relaunching the Black'N'Deather website - and thus the promotional stuff, like banner graphics and audio ads as well - I came up with while trying to wake out of my death-like sleep this morning (guess I hit the bottom of the bottle a bit too much yesterday during the Menhir concert :D):

Let's add some nifty Battle-Chainsaws!

Why chainsaws? The name of the show is inspired by the name of a big garden / outdoor tool and utility company, so Fowler graciously added two crossed chainsaws to the BND banner graphic. After yesterdays Menhir concert, where I threw out a fuckload of my flyers (fo the sho), I decided I'd need to (let) print yet another bunch of them ASAP, and that is where the concept of "Mighty Battle-Axes" came stumbling into my mind ...

... now cross them axes with modern tools like .. uhm. .. before-mentioned chainsaws - then you get Battle-CHAINSAWS. A good motto text would also be: "now with 200% more battle chainsaws", or a variation of this weblogs site-subtitle "... with a slight taste of battle chainsaws" ;)

Of corpse the audio ads would have to be changed as well - one in gutural Death, and yet another one in Black Metal screech style. Sth. like with one of those pagan/viking metal band-intros with clanging swords and shields ... and added chainsaw sound ... or maybe even a satiric make-over of the "you will have my sword... and my axe ... and my vuvuzela" video joke (Gandalf Goes to the World Cup)...

.... yeah, definitely hit the bottle a bit too excessive yesterday :D

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