Classic stereotypes: Designer vs. Programmer

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Once again I stumbled over this epic dysfunctional discussion: Designer vs. Programmer. This time, it is Game Designer + Artist vs. Game Designer + Programmer.

If I had the choice between both of those job descriptions, I'd chose: NONE.
There's a reason to this, cause my official job title read as follows: Web- & Frontend Developer.

Frontend Development. Requires at least three basic abilities:

  1. Design: The best UI is nothing if it is totally unusable thanks to crappy look & fool, unreadable text, etc.
  2. Psychology: What is the user going to do? How does he like to achieve his specific goal with your program? Might he want either to use this or is he going to prefer that feature a tad more than the first mentioned one? No program will work if you build the UI exclusively for youself, while on the other hand its supposed to be used by other folks than yourself inclusively, too.
  3. Programming: How to make things move? Let the shiny interface do something useful, like editing some text, saving your data or add a nice new layer to your current work .. so, how is this actually achieved? Guess how and by whom ;)

A programmer without creative skills is just a code monkey, a designer without the ability to grasp proper concepts and follow the rules of art (of which there are A LOT) is just a living stereotype and self-deception.

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