Considerations for choosing a helpdesk or ticket system

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A few requirements I came up with for testing available hosted helpdesk / ticket system solutions (in comparision to the horrible usability and imprecise, random behaviour of Zendesk):

- tag support
- custom ticket status (closed != solved)
- default action for the "solved" status is NOT to automatically send out mails to the customer bragging about "how he/she/it likes the service"
- behaviour / automated actions should be CLEAR from the start, not just for the admin user, but also for agents = good & reliable documentation
- proper highlighting of the ticket status
- not enforcing a "full desktop", effectively disabling middle clicks (which would open a tab in any known browser), etc. = adapting TO the user, not the other way around
- reliable usage / navigation contept = important parts (buttons, action links, navigation) should always be identifiably at first glance
- device-agnostic usage and display
- proper accessibility; eg. puttin the main navigation up in white text on light cyan background is NOT accessible (Reamaze)
- support form as a widget (to embed it into your products)


- different views / save specific filter combinations
- filters
- macros for addressing repeating situations
- knowledge base / FAQ to make those pesky Q & As publicy available
- clients for specific platforms, eg. Android, iOS, Linux desktop, Windows, etc.
- existing (third-party) modules or connectors for integration with eg. accounting or billing platforms

Note: Mail integration, ie. using your OWN domain name is a standard feature nobody should even need to talk about. If that's not available from the very beginning (at least with the smallest paid package), then this "solution" is automatically disqualified ;)

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