Don't fear the clowns ..

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After reading about this VERY nice "Responsive Image" technique called "Clown Car" at Smashing Magazine, AND stumbling over a bunchload of sites that actually implement it ..

.. I switched into meditation mode about why not make this a bit simpler to use for all of us, by creating a nifty plugin for one of the CMS I happen to favor, ie. WordPress:

- use simple_html_dom to parse posts + pages
- extract images + their attributes
- look up images in the DB and get their original size
- rendering of smaller / bigger images are being done w/ timthumb
- do some sanity checks for caching (both original image + svg)
	- image changed? => regenerate
	- available as WP pregenerate? => use it
	- etc.
- generate THE svg image w/ all bells & whistles
- after all is said and done: replace the image tag with the clown car / object+svg implementation

That's the basics, of corpse you could still refine it much more, like:
- add some options for custom image sizes etc.
- add nicer fallbacks for IE 8 + similar browsers

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