Fix for Firefox 45+ issues with dark themes under XFCE 4 / GTK3

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After upgrading to Linux Mint 14.04.3, using a dark theme, as its better on my rather crappy eyes, I ran into that nasty issue with input fields again (black text on dark background or white text on nearly white background). Thought that was a thing of the past, but .... no.

If you are running into the same issue - forget about those patchy so-so fixes with the Stylish extension or adjusting the userChrome.css; that never worked out well in the past, and still doesnt do so in the present. Other things that won't work: Changing environment variables to a different theme name (anything with "GTK2" in it won't work, because Firefox is now using GTK 3; and the other option called GTK_THEME doesnt work, either; my guess: latest GTK3 only, eg. GTK 3.18 or 3.20).

So skip all the hassle and drama, fast-forward to the only properly working solution:
Install a really up-to-date dark theme, and finally working with Firefox, LibreOffice and other prissy apps, again

I'm currently using Nodoka-Midnight, which looks great and works perfectly :)

Themes that can't keep it up:

  • Ambiance - anything, essentially; tried out all of them, but their GTK3-parts can't keep up (maybe with GTK 3.18+?)
  • DeLorean - the classic Firefox issue / no proper GTK3 support
  • NOX - dito
  • Vertex - ... this topic is getting old ...but yeah, the same
  • e17gtk - claims different, but yeah; identical issues
  • Mona - uuuhm, yeah

Further information:

Read more about it / more drama / get popcorn for the respective Reddit thead ;)

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