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So, the world revolves ... die Welt dreht sich weiter.

Noes for the last few months

  • got brand new my smart phone robbed / stolen (straight out of my hands)
  • broken monitor .. plus the replacement (LG 24EB23PY-W) was broken as well
  • the move from Franconia to NRW is being delayed .. for ages

Happies instead:

  • other monitor (Iiyama XB2483HSU) as replacement - let's see, what this thing is gonna haul (apparently, AMVA+ has ages better blackness .. and I gonna wear black, till I find somethin darker :D )
  • the work so far has been .. great! WordPress alll the way ;)
  • replacement for the smart phone is gonna feature a happy shiny "let's make it look totally fucked up and abused" snap case plus protection layer - i.e. another DIY project
  • maybe I go even so far to BUILD my very own tablet PC - thanks to the popularity of the Raspberry Pi, there is no shortage of better, but still inexpensive DIY do-it-all embedded boards

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