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While rewriting my own business site, Usability Idealist, I got the idea to finally implement what I've been planning for quite a long time for this blog, too.

The rewritten part of U:I consists mostly of a semi-static "CMS", though I'd rather call it toolkit. It's just a bunch of classes and a general function library thrown together, consisting of a template engine class generating static HTML, taking in data from any kind of source.

Basically the data storage-agnosticism I was aiming for originally. Right now the template engine is just happily munching on specially prepared tags (header, footer, article, menu, nav, and so on) in regular HTML(5) documents, but shall work with normal text, DokuWiki and maybe also Creole markup, too.

Other stuff I gonna plan to add in the near future:

  • queue class - to queue just about anything and output at specific places, eg. the HTML head
  • action / filter hooks - based upon the queue class
  • twig and maybe also h2o as drop-in replacement for the template engine
  • some primitive, but rock-stable comment system (rock-stable as in "spam-resistant") for the blog part

That of corpse also means having an official toolkit repository on Github ;)

Long story short:

Screenshot of one of the current drafts
of AG v9.0. Gonna all be magenta + possibly orange in its full-blasting glory ;)

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