Selected Habari-powered sites

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Out of pure boredom (and to get my mind working again thanks to having to work overnight), I've collected a handful of outstanding sites powered by Habari. Outstanding as in "not using the standard theme" (ie. charcoal), still active, etc.. In no particular order, they are:

Note: During this "research" I've found at least three sites or better their owners, who have switched (back) to WordPress. After using Habari for over 1 1/2 years, I personally would not consider switching back to WordPress no matter what. I know the code of WP by heart as I have to work with it during my daily job - and NO Sir! I wouldnt want yet another site to have to update on a regular base AND being total overkill AND being totally out-of-date in the matter of technoledge (ie. WP is still using compatiblity layers for PHP 4, horrible mix-ups of classes and functions, etc. pp).

What I would want to have (for Habari) is a better plugin documentation or at least some easy tutorials for programming more complex plugins than the mere 'hello world' thingy.

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