Setting up your very own custom playlist server for Shoutcast DNAS

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Background story: As being a DJ at several webradio stations, the need for a semi-automated fallback solution, that could be applied quickly, has arisen for quite a while . After figuring out how to get a proper IRC chatbot running for the main station I'm DJing at, I thought about getting to the next step - ie. having some kind of fallback playlist server, which you could launch if stuff like "s/o is sick and nobody is around to take over the stream", "the stream suddenly dropped, but you're not at home, thus cannot take it back for a while" and similar happens.

Skipping to the point: So far I've looked up and tested about two dozens of scripts, finding most of them totally outdated and in sincere need of updates / rewrites, making it in approx 70% impossible or at least very hard to get them running on current (server!) systems. The good ones so far were a few PHP + Perl scripts, which you could use to write your very own Streaming Source client, and the following, more complete solutions:

MuSE, IceGenerator, LiquidSoap and DeeFuzzer.

0. My system setup:

The fallback system, for now, is going to run on my personal V-Server, which is located at the Hetzner AG data center, featuring 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB HDD, 2 TB of including traffic, a seperate IP v4 and optionally IP v6. Read more about it at:

It's running on GNU/Debian 6.0 (latest) / x86_64, and so far I not gonna change that, until a proper value-for-money V-Server solution, located in the USA or Canadia, has been found. Simply said: NTARS.

My local system is running on Linux Mint 12 / x86_64 with a custom built kernal 3.1.4. Read up on it at

1. MuSE:

Very promising, but doesnt wan't to compile on the local system, and seems to be a bit too .. grabby .. for the V-Server. Haven't tried it there yet, thou. Created by the folks behind dyne::bolic.

Project site: (currently borked; displays WordPress connection error, so the MySQL DB is probably down or overloaded)

2. IceGenerator:

Didn't compile on my local system... BUT: On the remote one. So far this is the best working solution yet. Hopefully I'll get it all tested, set up and running till the mid of next week (begin of June 2013). Could be easily fitted out with some kind of song request script / system as well (using a simple playlist file in PLS / M3U format).

Project site:

3. LiquidSoap:

Very impressive and promising macro language to completely automate running a webradio station. After a fuckload of work I could promise the configure/make tools to build its latest release, but for my server aka GNU/Debian 6.0, there are only v1.0 releaes available, which sadly DO NOT feature mp3 support yet, which means: Either upgrade to Debian 7.0 wheezy, or simply not use it. In my case, it's the latter.

Project site:

4. DeeFuzzer:

A python-based solution. Looks very promising, but hadn't had the chance to test it yet.

Project site:

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