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Some time ago Summoning, one of my all-time favorite bands, released a political statement, of which I'd very much like to say: Könnte ich so unterschreiben ("I could sign this, too"). It reflects and expresses much of my own opinion and thoughts, not only in the content of music(k). Included is also the following part about Black Metal:

Original black metal has no national socialistic elements, so you are not more "true" or whatever if you follow national socialistic tendencies. For example Burzum makes good music which influenced us a lot at the beginning of Summoning, but this was never a reason for us to follow his ideologies because we always preferred to think for ourselves.

Additionally I'd like to add my personal thesis about Black Metal: I call Black Metal the "punk of the northern hemisphere". There are a lot similarities to "modern western punk rock", including the "fuck off"-, "I'm doing what I want"- and DIY-attitudes. Also there's this thing about easiness to produce some music: There's a saying about punk that goes like this: Three acchords is all you need to know to do a proper punk (rock) song. That's very similar to Black Metal - just think of all the "raw black metal cellar production" stuff ;)

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