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2018 ... and the 'ex'

So, its 2018 .. havent blogged in a while.
Mostly, work. And stuff. And wanting to replace this blog with something more .. staticy.
Right now I'm writing myself something like this, as I got all the important components sitting around, like, for ages. Thanks to work, that is.

AG Next ..

.. will probably be created with a flat-file CMS / generator / toolkit. Currently favoring Yellow, but if its blog component turns out too stressful to adapt, I might switch to something else .. or just go again, baaaaaack in time, and roll my own storage agnostic / flat file blog CMS generator thingy ;)

Rewriting AG

While rewriting my own business site, Usability Idealist, I got the idea to finally implement what I've been planning for quite a long time for this blog, too.

Working on AG 8.5

As you can see, I'm currently reworking this site a bit, so that it'll fit at least well onto smart phone screens and stuff like that ..

Habari ate my comments

So, it's done now. Habari just ate ALL of the APPROVED comments on here. While I chose to delete all UNapproved ones. Just perfect.