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Bookmarks: The sad state of art of HTML mail

Not much has happened in the past 10 years .. still, there are a few useful ressources to the current state of HTML mail.

Get your priorities straight: Fun with the WordPress "title tag" feature

One for my fellow, work-beaten, WordPress developers:

Initial draft: Different ways of implementing on-demand loading in WordPress

Different ways of on-demand loading in WordPress (plugins, themes)
(or: WordPress: Different ways of implementing on-demand loading)

AG Next ..

.. will probably be created with a flat-file CMS / generator / toolkit. Currently favoring Yellow, but if its blog component turns out too stressful to adapt, I might switch to something else .. or just go again, baaaaaack in time, and roll my own storage agnostic / flat file blog CMS generator thingy ;)

Building kfilebox under GNU/Debian, Linux Mint and relatives

A more more up-to-date version (0.4.10), with fixes for current dropbox releases is found at: https://github.com/gtgt/kfilebox