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CSS-only responsive menus with nav icon

A collection of several CSS-only responsive / mobile navigation menus. What I found after digging around for CSS-only mobile navigations using the :checked pseudo class (initially thought I could use the :target pseudo class). My aim was digging up actual, working, real life examples, to deduct how :checked / :target / :focus works exactly, and then …

Rewriting AG

While rewriting my own business site, Usability Idealist, I got the idea to finally implement what I've been planning for quite a long time for this blog, too.

Considerations for choosing a helpdesk or ticket system

A few requirements I came up with for testing available hosted helpdesk / ticket system solutions (in comparision to the horrible usability and imprecise, random behaviour of Zendesk):

How to create your very own Color Scheme for Custom Community 2

Export your settings
Create the scheme file
Generate the stylesheet file
Combining everything

Working on AG 8.5

As you can see, I'm currently reworking this site a bit, so that it'll fit at least well onto smart phone screens and stuff like that ..