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Fix for Firefox 45+ issues with dark themes under XFCE 4 / GTK3

After upgrading to Linux Mint 14.04.3, using a dark theme, as its better on my rather crappy eyes, I ran into that nasty issue with input fields again (black text on dark background or white text on nearly white background). Thought that was a thing of the past, but .... no.

GUI support for moc player with eXo

For those of us not so fond of GUI-centric audio players, moc is a welcome alternative.
But lately, the missing option of a proper OSD (On-Screen Display) was grating on my nerves.

Graphical git clients for Windows

Cause enough people are still pretty comfy with Windows, and I am not that much of a windoze hater or linux fanboy folks believe I am .. so w/o further ado, tada: A short selection of not only good-looking, but also properly working windows GUI git clients: