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Working on AG 8.5

As you can see, I'm currently reworking this site a bit, so that it'll fit at least well onto smart phone screens and stuff like that ..

Habari ate my comments

So, it's done now. Habari just ate ALL of the APPROVED comments on here. While I chose to delete all UNapproved ones. Just perfect.

Future plans for AG v9

Planned for this site:


Wir basteln derzeit kräftig - wie man ja am Weblog gut sehen kann. Nach dem Update auf Habari 0.9alpha ging ja einiges zu Bruch - u.a. die Tags und das bisherige Theme - weshalb ich erstmal das Standard-Theme "Charcoal" verwendet habe, um hier zumindest eine halbwegs brauchbare Anzeige zu erhalten.

Habari 0.9

With the update to Habari 0.9 (developer edition) comes a temporary (read: "in transition") design as well, which is a modified version of Charcoal. It'll become the base for "Agent Magenta", the future theme of AlltagsGrauen 8.0.