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Time goes flying by ...

Times flies, when you're having fun :)

AG Next ..

.. will probably be created with a flat-file CMS / generator / toolkit. Currently favoring Yellow, but if its blog component turns out too stressful to adapt, I might switch to something else .. or just go again, baaaaaack in time, and roll my own storage agnostic / flat file blog CMS generator thingy ;)

Things I'm missing from dahoam

Originally written as a comment to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_P8oIrDygQ - but apparently YouTube doesn't like long comments, or might have some kind of word blacklisting thingy, so I rewrote this one a bit into a blog post:

Kleine Liste von Punkrock- und Metal-Locations in München

Nachdem anscheinend alles ausstirbt, was mal war, folgend eine kleine Liste, was noch ist:

Considerations for choosing a helpdesk or ticket system

A few requirements I came up with for testing available hosted helpdesk / ticket system solutions (in comparision to the horrible usability and imprecise, random behaviour of Zendesk):