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Fix for Firefox 45+ issues with dark themes under XFCE 4 / GTK3

After upgrading to Linux Mint 14.04.3, using a dark theme, as its better on my rather crappy eyes, I ran into that nasty issue with input fields again (black text on dark background or white text on nearly white background). Thought that was a thing of the past, but .... no.

Building kfilebox under GNU/Debian, Linux Mint and relatives

A more more up-to-date version (0.4.10), with fixes for current dropbox releases is found at: https://github.com/gtgt/kfilebox

GUI support for moc player with eXo

For those of us not so fond of GUI-centric audio players, moc is a welcome alternative.
But lately, the missing option of a proper OSD (On-Screen Display) was grating on my nerves.

Fixing the partial broken text display in Firefox on Linux Mint

A few days after manually - and successfully - updating Firefox to version 33, some texts on several websites suddenly disappeared, although they did work before (in the same browser version!).

Eindrücke zur Logitech G700s

Kurzes Review der Logitech G700s.