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Tying the knot between Pepper Flash and SRWare Iron

Update on 2015-07-04: GNU/Debian users may follow a different path - there is now a package called pepperflashplugin-nonfree, which automates and bundles my tutorial into one small script. Not done by me, so kudos to whoever created it! ;)

Setting up your very own custom playlist server for Shoutcast DNAS

Background story: As being a DJ at several webradio stations, the need for a semi-automated fallback solution, that could be applied quickly, has arisen for quite a while . After figuring out how to get a proper IRC chatbot running for the main station I'm DJing at, I thought about getting to the next step - …

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Kleine Uptime-Statistik für die nächsten Monate:

Persuading Pepperflash to work in SRWare Iron

Editing /usr/lib/chromium-browser/default and adding the ppapi string didnt help (see respesctive Thread @ ubuntuforums.org).