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Initial draft: Different ways of implementing on-demand loading in WordPress

Different ways of on-demand loading in WordPress (plugins, themes)
(or: WordPress: Different ways of implementing on-demand loading)

AG Next ..

.. will probably be created with a flat-file CMS / generator / toolkit. Currently favoring Yellow, but if its blog component turns out too stressful to adapt, I might switch to something else .. or just go again, baaaaaack in time, and roll my own storage agnostic / flat file blog CMS generator thingy ;)

Rewriting AG

While rewriting my own business site, Usability Idealist, I got the idea to finally implement what I've been planning for quite a long time for this blog, too.

Repost of 25 PHP Form Validation Snippets

Because the syntax highlighter seems to been fucked up of "25 PHP Form Validation Snippets" at Hungred.com, I decided to repost the content of this post here. It's really just a repost, althou skipping right to the important content (and adding / replacing '#' with '//' single-line comments) ;)

Redirecting wget to stdout

Sometimes you need the data wget retrieves written to the STDOUT, usually for further processing, instead of into a file. This is easily achieved with the following call: