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Get your priorities straight: Fun with the WordPress "title tag" feature

One for my fellow, work-beaten, WordPress developers:

Initial draft: Different ways of implementing on-demand loading in WordPress

Different ways of on-demand loading in WordPress (plugins, themes)
(or: WordPress: Different ways of implementing on-demand loading)

How to create your very own Color Scheme for Custom Community 2

Export your settings
Create the scheme file
Generate the stylesheet file
Combining everything

Linkliste WordPress-Styleguide

Zusammenstellung brauchbarer Links zur besseren Anpassung von Plugins und Themes an den WordPress-Administrationsbereich (read: WordPress Admin UI).

Don't fear the clowns ..

After reading about this VERY nice "Responsive Image" technique called "Clown Car" at Smashing Magazine, AND stumbling over a bunchload of sites that actually implement it ..