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Still working on my GNU/Debian / Ubuntu Live-CD remix for webradio DJs and general audio editing.
After dumping the idea to use a "nearly from scratch"-Ubuntu-Minimal-CD utilizing Remastersys, playing around with Crunchbang but finding it too reduced for non-advanced users / linux newbies, the current idea goes like this:

  • Use LMDE 13 or Xubuntu 12.04
  • Install it on a VM
  • Chop out all the unneccesary stuff, install IDJC and required audio editing / handling programs
  • Install Remastersys and do the time warp (ie. create a Live CD-ISO with it) again

The IDJC version currently available in the Ubuntu repos is fairly up-to-date (0.8.7 when I checked last), so it should work out well - hopefully.

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