The Full Sweep #1

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A quick and dirty roundabout, a full sweep of music(k)al suggestions for February 2011, unordered, as follows.

Tankard - Vol(l)ume 14: Nice, good lyrics, the usually well-done, solid sound, but no absolute ÜberHits. If you're more into their beer-laden style, try older releases. But if you like some proper lyrics with your Thrash as well, give this album a try ;)
Personal favorite: Black Pest.

Arafal - For Battles Once Fought: Arafel is back, not only with new material, but a good new singer as well. AFAIK he joined the ranks of Arafel way before the split with Equilibrium. Yeah, right - I'm still watching the Munich metal scene although I'm not living there anymore ;) So .. nice, well-done album. If you like pagan metal, if you like symphonic black metal - give it a try. There is a lot space for more development, but IMHO their future looks bright. Personal favorite: Wolf's Hunt.

Legion of the Damned - Descend Into Chaos: good stuff as usual, but not more. If you like em - no bad. If you dont know em - better take a look at their earlier releases. Also when they still known under the name Occult.

Belphegor - Blood Magick Necromance: Well-done rapid black metal, but a bit more varied than usual. Of course, their singer gets on my nerves with his usual shit (that he cant sing very well, that is). In this release, when he tries singing in German, he really sounds like a bad copy of Mozart of Umbra et Imago. Try harder, Mr. Lennart, just a bit ;)

Lugubre - Supreme Ritual Genocide: I've been playing songs of this release a lot lately during my show, cause I like this album ... a lot ;) This is a big development compared to older material of this band. I hadnt thought the band would ever climb up that hill again, because of what I saw and heard of them before. That is, I saw them live, back in 2006 or 2005, and this very short show of them went .. awfully and destrously wrong. Obviously they got rid of their old (drunkard of a) singer - and now they are back, with a fucking great album, that is as strong and very much in the spirit of Primordial, late Morrigan and Mael Mordha. Personal favorite song: Enslavement.

Aes Dana - Formors: Although already a bit .. rusty, I neither knew they still exist nor made another release aside of their great "La Chasse Sauvage". So after listening to "Formors" I oughta say: Well done. A lot of development, but still keeping their original style that made their music so fascinating to me ;)
Not a bad start at all if you are into .. how shall I call it? Celtic and Pagan Metal for grown-ups :D No favorite yet, gotta give the album a few more run-throughs.

Wehrmacht - Fast As A Shark Attack EP: In the biased view of a true Wehrmacht-Biermacht-Fan .. uhm, great come-back after more than 20 years of silence :D All thumbs up! \m/

Valuatir - I: One of the few new big discoveries this year. At least for me. According to MA this release is of 2008, but as their aint any new full albums, I dont care anyway ;)
Great pagan black metal, strong and very impressing as a lot of the French bands are. In the same spirit as Aes Dana, old Cruachan or Waylander. Personal favorite: Les Yeux du Marais.

Melechesh - The Epigenesis: Having listened to earlier releases of Melechesh before, I didnt think this one would surprise me in any way. Excepting their usual, or at least what I thought their usual style as of 2002, which was the last time I actually listened to their songs, I was deeply surprised to find something very deep and complex, similar to Darkestrah, Ancient or even my all-time favorite Summoning. This is a fucking great album to which I can listen no matter in what mood I am ;) No favorites, cause all songs are great, and are THE favorite depending from my mood and taste.

So much for the first roundup .. more to come, cause I listen to a shitload of music ;)

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