Things I'm missing from dahoam

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Originally written as a comment to - but apparently YouTube doesn't like long comments, or might have some kind of word blacklisting thingy, so I rewrote this one a bit into a blog post:

Bavarians consider their country being apart from the rest of Germany - "Bayern und Ausland" - so of corpse I gonna keep it that way ... being originally from Munich myself ;)

What I mostly miss is a proper beer culture, esp. the Franconian one, which IS the ACTUAL beer country (yep, 450+ breweries in Franconia - not counting micro- and home breweries), NOT Bavaria ^_^ .. anyways, BTT: in Northrhine-Westphalia, there are few good brands, and most folks drink Pilsener (or piss = Brechs) or even the ugly Kölsch/Altbier.

And apparently, getting hands on GOOD bread is quite the effort; and next to NONE backeries are open on Sunday morning. The latter one really made me mad ("aus allen Wolken gefallen"): Big city, but no open backeries on Sunday? WTF?!? Are you .. like .. insanse!?

But what I definitely DO NOT miss, are:

  • grumpy, impolite, closed-minded people, staring at you like they've never seen another human being
  • horrifying expensive living and rents
  • crappy internet connection AND train / local public transport (I do not own a car, but also the local road connections here are sooo much more awesome ^_^)
  • having to excessively plan out where to go over the weekend
  • nasty opening times
    • in NRW, most super markets are open till at least 21:00 o'clock, some even till 22:00 o'clock
    • compared to Bavaria, where opening times till 19 or 20 o'clock are considered as "very modern and customer-friendly" .. but: let's face it, folks: you work till 18:30 or so, then have to get home, etc. pp - and what is left of that "modern advantage"? Do you really consider RUSHING through the supermarket for half an hour - no grocery for you, sorry, already closed at 18h - as customer-friendly and "modern"? Neither do I ;)

So yeah, I miss the good beer, but there are replacements / compensations (the local Edeka Center here in Bochum got a lot of gooood stuff; even the watery, but homely Augustiner Helles is available).

The other big issue is not having my friends around .. but that already was in decline when I was still living in "Outer Bavaria" (ie. Franconia). so it's not such a big change.

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