Time goes flying by ...

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Times flies, when you're having fun :)

2016 .. is nearly done. So many folks whining about it, telling it's their / the worst year so far ..
.. sorry folks, but NO, you got it wrong: 2015 was the ultra-crap year ^_^

Stuff that is happening right now:
.. work goes on, big project nearly done .. (but I am always for hire ;))

At some point, the bloody semi-static content generation / management toolkit I've been working on since April, might finally surface light, and completely replace Habari.

Well, talking about Habari: That project sadly seems to be vacant / on hold; no updates no new release since September 2014; but at least there is ongoing activity in the official Habari system repository - maybe the project isn't entirely dead yet :)

Stuff to come:
- finish my T520p build (16 GB RAM, i7-2670, NVS CPU Heatsink, 512 GB SSD (Samsung 850 Pro))
- my first premium / freemium plugin(s) for WordPress
- new website for Black'N'Deather
- marriage :D

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