Working on AG 8.5

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As you can see, I'm currently reworking this site a bit, so that it'll fit at least well onto smart phone screens and stuff like that ..

It's pretty quickly done thanks to using RGS (, plus some lil helpers that already came in handy or have been directly developed during working on U:I 3.0 ;)

Thinking about replacing jQuery with another, less excessive library - for just a bunch of animations / effects, a handful of DOM queries and a few hover/click event handlers, jQuery looks rather like overkill to me.

Some brainstorming (all hail the magic Microjs tiny JS collection / finder ;))

  • HeadJS - for async loading, HTML5 helping and Feature testing (= replacing Modernizr)
  • xui.js - should do most of it
  • Gator - event delegation .. just a maybe
  • my personal, adapted version of TinyBox2, used at the current Usability Idealist website
  • Rainbow - found this while browsing the website of the autor of Gator: a nice lil syntax highlighting JS library, and it comes with support for all the code I'm working with anyway
  • some native JS magic ..

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